Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Unlocking My CURLS Secret

     I find that a lot of people are drawn to my hair. No matter where I go I'm always being asked "where do you get that hair girl?" Well, here it is ladies! My hair is naturally wavy and flat but it can hold curls very well  - for DAYS. 
     Whether I want natural bouncy curls or the Kim Kardashian waves - we all need to start with a base. The secret is HEALTHY and ORGANIC. That's right, ORGANIC. I only use organic hair products. Why should I use hair products that's not good for me? Ever wonder why you get dandruff, scalp irritation or alopecia. Well, many hair products are petroleum based, and are filled with ALCOHOL (ethanol-alcohol to be specific) which can dry out your hair. 
     The organic hair products (Giovanni & Avalon Hair Care) I use are only made with natural plant ingredients that nourishes and give that healthy glow we all love without harming our scalp or damaging the environment. 

Tips that might be helpful to you:
1. Change up shampoos and conditioners (ORGANICALLY) to shock the hair - if you use the same stuff all the time, after a while your hair becomes immune to it in a sense where it doesn't give the same bounce and shine affect.
2. I know this might sound a little gross but 'don't wash your hair everyday' - because if you do, it strips the natural oils your scalp needs and prevents it from growing longer. 
3. Use an organic oil such as coconut oil at the bottom of your hair. It really helps keeping that shine and bounce! (btw, I use coconut oil to moisturize EVERYTHING)

What I used here was Avalon Shampoo & Conditioner and Giovanni's leave-in conditioner after my hair was cleaned. I let it air dry in a high messy bun until slightly dried. When slightly damp, I scrunched it with Giovanni's Natural Mousse and when fully dried I sprayed Giovanni's Finishing Mist leaving it soft, sexy and silky.

Same step here, except I positioned my hair in a low loose bun and used a 2'' curling iron. =)

Natural hair is so beautiful, embrace what you got and work with it. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010